“Daniel, is so good I almost don’t want to leave a review, because then other people will hire him!!! No seriously, he understands what needs to be done, doesn’t have unrealistic expectations of the universe, and does a great job, fast.

Having worked with Daniel for a few months now, on a few projects, I can tell you he is an excellent programmer to work with. Here are the main requirements I have for any programmer, and Daniel excels in all of these.
1. Communicates regularly, and keeps me updated
2. Thinks beyond the Strict requirements to help meet the implied ones.
3. Works fast and consistently on a project.
4. Adds creativity and thought to his work.
5. Doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.
6. Has his own brain, and uses it.
7. I am sure there is more, he is a great guy to work with, and I have worked with dozens of programmers over the years.

In short, I am really picky….. really really really picky when it comes to programmers… you will save yourself a lot of time and effort if you just hire him.

PS. I am now working full time with a local programmer, and continue to use Daniel part time, and even my local programmer agrees Daniel does good work, plus he is a great designer as well, so things end up looking pretty as well as working well. “

Dustin McKay